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What Services does Mere Mutts offer?

Dog Walking: I offer 1 hour or ½ hour walks for your dogs; walking them from your house and returning them happy and refreshed afterwards. I always keep your dogs on the lead, unless you have given me permission to let them off the lead. I do also try to vary the walks so that your dogs get a change of scenery and I will also stimulate your dog with toys and basic training if you wish.

I usually walk dogs on a one-to-one basis, ensuring they get my undivided attention. Once I get to know your dog, I may walk it in a small group with other well-socialised dogs, with your approval, so it will be able to interact and socialise with other doggy friends.

After each walk, I will leave your dogs happy and contented. I will towel them down if needed, fill their water bowl and give them any treats that you leave out for them.

Please note that, due to the area that I cover, the distances involved and the fact that my clients can vary each day, I have to schedule my walks on a daily basis to make the best use of my time each day. It is therefore not possible for me to provide you with a specific time each day for your dog’s walk. Thus walks booked in for a lunch-time slot may start at any time between 11am and 2pm. Within this period I will try and accommodate your time preferences, but this cannot be guaranteed. Walks booked outside these hours will be agreed on an individual basis.

Dog or Cat Let Out/Feeding Service: This is for a 15 minute visit to your home when I will let your dog out for the toilet and a play in the garden; feed and water it and do whatever else is required to keep your dog happy until you get home again. I also offer a 15 minute cat visit service whereby I can pop in to feed, play with, or simply cuddle your cat – perfect if you’re away for a week and don’t want to put your cat into a cattery.

Vet Runs: if you’re stuck at work and not able to take your dog to the vets, I can take it for you providing you have agreed this in advance with your vet and made arrangements for paying them. I can also offer this service for cats and other small pets.

Horse Turn Out/Bring In and Other Animal Care Services: Having previously owned horses of my own, I am able to offer a service to horse & pony owners where I can come and turn your horse out into its field (changing rugs as necessary), muck out the stable, refill water bowls and leave everything ready for you to bring them back in at the end of the day. If necessary, I can also pop back later to bring them in again. Please note, my insurance does not cover me for any form of exercising your horse/pony, so I am not able to lunge or ride it for you. I am also happy to visit and check up on other animals as required – such as goats, chickens, sheep, etc.

House/Pet Sitting: Due to many requests for pet sitting, I do now offer a pet sitting service, providing I can fit it around my regular dog walking clients. I will therefore sort out any horses and walk your dog(s) before I head off in the morning, returning at lunch time to give them food and a run around. Once my dog walking jobs are finished, I will return to your house and stay there for the rest of the afternoon and overnight, providing additional walks and generally fussing, playing with and providing your pets with the best of care – whether it’s for just one night or 2 weeks – giving you peace of mind and allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday.

With the exception of house sitting jobs, my usual working hours/days are 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday. I generally don’t work at weekends as I am often busy myself so won’t take on regular work. However, if I am around at the weekend, I am happy to help out and take your dog(s) for a walk on a one-off basis if you need it, or even just to pop in and give it a fuss, so it’s always worth asking me. Similarly, I do not work on Bank Holidays.

If this sounds like what you may be looking for, then please contact me so that we can meet to discuss arrangements and organise for me to come and visit you and your pet. 

For prices, please click here and for terms and conditions, please click here.

Thank you.