Dog Thefts

Did you know that pet theft has seen a sharp increase recently, with dog theft rising by 6.8% in the last 12 months? It’s a worrying tend isn’t it? 

I recently read an article, in the August 2018 edition of Your Dog, about dog thefts and thought that it would be useful to highlight the main points from it here. The research was carried out by Direct Line insurance company. 

  • An average of 5 dogs are stolen each day, although this number might be higher due to some owners not reporting the theft and the different ways that police forces categorise pet thefts 
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most commonly stolen breed, followed by cross-breeds, such as Cockerpoos, and then French Bulldogs 
  • Stolen dogs have only a 20% chance of being reunited with their owners 
  • The high values placed on prestige pets are making them more attractive to thieves, as people are prepared to pay large amounts for them 
  • TV advertising can have a huge impact on people’s desires when it comes to puppy buying 

The photo below outlines 13 tips to help keep your dog safe (source: Your Dog magazine August 2018) 

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

Alabama Rot – update November 2018

It appears that there may be good news on the Alabama Rot front – researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have made a ground-breaking discovery in the fight against it; as reported in the October 2018 edition of Your Dog magazine.

Apparently, after noticing similarities between Alabama Rot and thrombotic microangiopathy (a rare disease in humans), a treatment involving plasma exchange has been developed for dogs. This involves filtering the patient’s blood so that toxic substances are removed, before returning it to the patient. RVC reported that 2 out of 6 dogs who underwent treatment made a full recovery and they are optimistic that this plasma exchange treatment will play an important role in the treatment of Alabama Rot.

Promising news, indeed!